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2. Juli 2018 (3 Ereignisse)


3. Juli 2018 (2 Ereignisse)

  • Duty manager for iran air hands out list of those people who were on picture id152396522?s=170x170

    UNS: 30 Years Since USS Vincennes Shot Down Iran Air Flight 655

    11 Bilder
  • John logie baird began experimenting with imaging systems in the in picture id90767177?s=170x170

    UNS: 90 Years Since Baird Unveils First Color Television

    10 Bilder

5. Juli 2018 (5 Ereignisse)


6. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)


9. Juli 2018 (4 Ereignisse)

  • Royal air force operations in the middle east and north africa a r picture id154419275?s=170x170

    GBR: In Focus: RAF Centenary - RAF During World War 2

    112 Bilder
  • Alan gilzean of tottenham hotspur fc poses for a portrait on 1st june picture id141102884?s=170x170

    GBR: Scottish Footballer Alan Gilzean Dies At 79

    12 Bilder
  • American actor tab hunter circa 1960 picture id71715746?s=170x170

    UNS: Actor Tab Hunter Dies At 86

    15 Bilder
  • Menu for budweiser reads drink budweiser americas social companion picture id179348042?s=170x170

    UNS: The Art Of The Cold One: Vintage Beer Adverts

    20 Bilder

10. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • British conservative politician peter carington 6th baron carrington picture id103016338?s=170x170

    UNS: British Statesman Lord Carrington Dies At 99

    17 Bilder

11. Juli 2018 (2 Ereignisse)

  • Highangle view of rush hour passengers boarding the sea beach subway picture id3438276?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) A Vintage Commute With The New York City Subway

    46 Bilder
  • Collection of german shells 1917 color photo by fernand cuville world picture id152593852?s=170x170

    UNS: Stunning Early Color Photography

    17 Bilder

12. Juli 2018 (5 Ereignisse)


13. Juli 2018 (5 Ereignisse)

  • Belgianborn actress audrey hepburn in a black sleeveless dress circa picture id107371847?s=170x170

    UNS: Fashion Classics: The Little Black Dress

    46 Bilder
  • Theodore a clement sits in the back of a police paddy wagon after a picture id97297671?s=170x170

    UNS: New York Noir From the NY Daily News

    59 Bilder
  • Circa 1975 saloon car in dry rocky countryside against a background picture id3166631?s=170x170

    UNS: Take A Vintage Summer Road-Trip

    47 Bilder
  • Big helping of spaghetti offers no problems to lightweight champion picture id514887118?s=170x170

    UNS: The Joys Of Eating Spaghetti

    20 Bilder
  • Neon signs on a soho street including advertising for an italian and picture id102979200?s=170x170

    UNS: Vintage London - Soho

    30 Bilder

14. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • Swedish director screenwriter and producer ingmar bergman picture id542283118?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since Birth Of Director Ingmar Bergman

    11 Bilder

15. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)


16. Juli 2018 (6 Ereignisse)

  • View of a douglas 4 flying over manhattan picture id53379884?s=170x170

    UNS: Classic Photos Of The American Skyscraper

    42 Bilder
  • English actor christopher lee stars as the creature in the curse of picture id102559545?s=170x170

    UNS: Creepy Monsters From The Past

    30 Bilder
  • 191954ricou browning as the monster gillman in the movie the creature picture id517212922?s=170x170

    UNS: Creepy Monsters From The Past

    30 Bilder
  • Country singer dolly parton poses for a portrait in circa 1955 in picture id73909464?s=170x170

    UNS: Rock Stars Before They Were Famous

    38 Bilder
  • Portrait of a young man on a childs tricycle circa 1920s picture id481609341?s=170x170

    UNS: Sweet, Bizarre Vintage Rides

    25 Bilder
  • Unowheel bicycle if braked suddenly can send its rider round and picture id50696167?s=170x170

    UNS: Sweet, Bizarre Vintage Rides

    25 Bilder

17. Juli 2018 (4 Ereignisse)


18. Juli 2018 (5 Ereignisse)

  • Yellow cabs mingle with other cars in heavy traffic on manhattans picture id596964574?s=170x170

    NY: Take A Ride Back In Time With A NY Taxi Cab

    21 Bilder
  • Three kindergarteners graduating today picture id50626002?s=170x170

    UNS: 'Class Of...' The Vintage Cap 'n' Gown

    20 Bilder
  • Group of american and south african students aged from 11 to 19 met picture id91120693?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since Nelson Mandela Was Born

    51 Bilder
  • World war i second battle of the marne english tank mark iv captured picture id526617844?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since The Second Battle Of The Marne

    8 Bilder
  • Five photographers on the roof of colonel marceaus photography studio picture id479166491?s=170x170

    UNS: Art Of The Vintage Selfie

    29 Bilder

19. Juli 2018 (2 Ereignisse)

  • 17th april 1934 american actor gary cooper smoking a cigarette picture id3170076?s=170x170

    UNS: Silver Screen Smokers From Yesteryear

    47 Bilder
  • Bluebell girl from the lido nightclub in paris adjusts her costume picture id52463518?s=170x170

    UNS: The Art Of Showtime And Burlesque

    38 Bilder

20. Juli 2018 (5 Ereignisse)

  •  picture id480020837?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 80 Years Since Birth Of Actress Natalie Wood

    13 Bilder
  • Raymond santana featured subject of the central park five speaks picture id159506673?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) In Profile: The Central Park Five Case

    60 Bilder
  • The cover of a life magazine special edition headlined to the moon picture id50704190?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) The Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    58 Bilder
  • Two models on a new york city street with the chrysler building in picture id592337055?s=170x170

    UNS: A Delightful Stroll Through Retro Paris

    63 Bilder
  • Sailor aboard the uss new jersey inspects another sailors tattoos picture id615308320?s=170x170

    UNS: Inked: Old-School Tattoos

    29 Bilder

21. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)


22. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)


25. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • 25th july 1978 the worlds first test tube baby louise joy brown soon picture id3203860?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 40 Years Since Birth Of First Test Tube Baby, Louise Joy Brown

    9 Bilder

26. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • Rolling stones singer mick jagger wiht a diamond on his tooth 1976 picture id52494611?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) Happy 75th Birthday Mick Jagger

    73 Bilder

27. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • The united nations honor guard at the armistice building panmunjom picture id174225871?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 65 Years Since End Of The Korean War

    12 Bilder

30. Juli 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • Portrait of victorian novelist poet emily jane bronte picture id50698093?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 200 Years Since Birth Of Author Emily Bronte

    8 Bilder

1. August 2018 (1 Ereignis)

  • The front window of a drug store in harlem after the 1943 riots a picture id83180974?s=170x170

    NY: 75 Years Since the Start of the Harlem Riot in NYC

    19 Bilder