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Men Risk Their Lives During Jallikattu

MADARAI, INDIA - JANUARY 16: Indian men try to tame a bull during 'Jallikattu', in connection with the harvest festival called Pongal, January 16, 2005, near Madarai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Men risked their lives to tame the bulls for prize money and articles offered including bicycles, cash and television sets. In past Jallikattus, bundles of money were tied to the horns of bulls, and villagers tried to wrest the bundles from them. According to Hindu legend, the third day of Pongal is celebrated because Lord Shiva once asked Nandi, his bull, to go to earth and deliver his message to the people - to have an oil bath every day and food once a month. But Nandi got it all mixed up when he delivered the message, and told the people that Shiva asked them to have an oil bath once a month and eat every day. Shiva was displeased, and told Nandi that since the people would now need to grow more grain, Nandi would have to remain on earth and help them plough the fields. (Photo by Ami Vitale/Getty Images)
Men Risk Their Lives During Jallikattu


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