Travelogue to Mongolia

Mongolian peasant man leading donkey and white horse pulling burdened cart through entranceway / two tourists dressed in khaki outfits and pith helmets riding a camel and a donkey; man riding camel gets the animal to kneel and rest on ground / Tibetan Buddhist monks standing outside building, posing for camera / crude tent billowing in wind / men dressed in heavy Mongolian clothing pitching tent / Mongolian peasant man cooking, boiling tea on small smokestack oven in field / white man cutting already close cropped hair of fellow white male traveler seated shirtless in chair in field, local Mongolian man watching on / two Mongolian men in traditional clothing standing in courtyard, waving banner being spread out / Tibetan Buddhist monks gathering in courtyard, marching in parade with Buddhist effigies / Buddhist monk kneeling on ground, bowing deeply in prayer / Mongol dancers in fancy costume warming up in circle / Mongolians lining streets before parade / military band, soldiers playing snare drums, valveless horn / military officer assisting elderly man from horse cart in courtyard / livestock goats passing through small stone gate, entering rustic compound of peasant home / Panning goat herd outside peasant home. Travelogue to Mongolia on January 01, 1925 in Mongolia (Footage by Getty Images)


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Kollektion:Archive Films: Editorial
Erstellt am: 1. Januar 1925
Releaseangaben:Kein Release verfügbar. Weitere Informationen
Gemastert mit:QuickTime 8-bit Photo-JPEG SD 720x486 29.97i Weitere Informationen
Ursprüngliches Film-/Videoformat:35mm OCN 24p
Quelle:Archive Films Editorial


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