Cuban Markets

Cuban markets of various foods and goods in Havana, Cuba on January 27th, 2015 Shots: Exterior wide shot of an open air market, Close shot of beens on display in fabric containers, Close shot of stacked beets and lettuce with shoppers and venders in the background, Close shot of a stack of tomatoes, Close shot of various paintings hanging on a wall, Close shot of jewelry on a table with a white table cloth, Close shot of a womans hands grabbing money from a wallet, Close shot of a woman putting her wallet into her bag, Close shot of a womans hands sorting through various wallets, Close shot of some musician figurines, Interior wide shot of an indoor market with various paintings and CDs on the walls and shoppers wandering around, Wide shot of stacks of figurines arranged on the floor, Wide shots of shoppers in a market hall way of various shops with instruments and other goods hanging from the walls, Wide shot of various paintings hanging from a wall


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Erstellt am:27. Januar 2015
Releaseangaben:Kein Release verfügbar. Weitere Informationen
Ort:Havana, La Habana, Cuba
Quelle:Bloomberg Video RR


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